World’s 13 Prettiest Twins, Triplets And Quadruplets

The Pyfrom Quadruplets – The Bahamas

twin sisters
Born in Florida but raised in Nassau, Bahamas, Bahamian quads Jodi, Catherine, Christina, and Janelle Pyfrom now attend college in California. They were born 10 weeks early, and if identical quadruplets were not going to make headlines on their own, hours later in the same hospital, a set of triplets was born!
They had a modest upbringing in Nassau, where their different personalities emerged, though all four share the same affinity for dark chocolate and the same distaste for insects. Another thing they all share is a love of music, which is why they became a pop quartet called FourEver1. Someday they hope to have their own television show, which has always been their lifelong dream.