50 Unbelievable Fashion Choices of Hollywood

The most stylish female celebrities manage to capture our attention with their stunning fashion choices. They aren’t afraid to take risks with their clothes, their hairstyles or with anything else for that matter. Sure, sometimes the risks don’t pay off, but when they do? It’s Hollywood gold — and it’s trend setting.


Rihanna devotees never anticipated the chanteuse would simply roll out of bed in her silken pajamas and head straight down the red carpet, but that she apparently did at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards, lending an entirely new meaning to the term “boudoir dressing”.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry
Katy attends the premiere of “The Smurfs” at the Ziegfeld Theater on July 24, 2011 in New York City.

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  1. Don’t see anything wrong here either. If you got it, flaunt it !! And these celebrity babes have it. They are part of the “entertainment industry” and yes, I like being entertained. I respect these women for entertaining us. Otherwise, we may as well put all ladies in a ninja-style hijab/niqab whatever if we keep harping about modesty. Modesty is over-rated.

  2. Don’t see any problem with most of the dresses. Strange. Everyone seem to be really shocked with these, whereas this is the latest trend and everyone is wearing these.

  3. Awesome Beauties in some very interesting dresses. But I doubt if we’ll ever see Indian Celebs taking the challenge and compete with Celebs like Emily Ratajkowski, Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner.

  4. Kylie Jenner’s changing looks have been the topic of conversation forever now. First her lips came under scrutiny, and after months and month of did she or didn’t she, Kylie finally revealed she’d gotten temporary lip fillers. Now another body part is coming under fire after an appearance this weekend in Las Vegas. Can you guess which one?

  5. I read somewhere that the evening started at The Nice Guy before moving over to Bootsy Bellows where Kylie Jenner’s boyfriend Tyga surprised her with a $320,000 Ferrari! The funny thing is that the $320,000 Ferrari the rapper supposedly gave Kylie Jenner on her 18th birthday is leased. What’s worse? The lease is in Jenner’s own name.

  6. What has gone wrong with women? How can they expect to be treated with respect when they think its ok to go out dressed like a complete cheap slapper?

    Well, can’t blame Emily Ratajkowski for this, can we? She became famous by featuring without clothes in Robin Thicke’s famous song ‘Blurred Lines’. For someone who shot to fame like that, this dress is another step in the ladder.

  7. Does anyone else see clear bra straps under the black spaghetti straps on Kim Kardashian’s shoulders? She really does look like a plastic doll with her Barbie like body parts, blank expressions and smooth, inhuman face.

  8. Kim Kardashian makes sure that she embarrasses her husband every time she comes out of the house. I wonder what Kanye must be thinking every time he hears her say, ‘Sweetheart, we have an invite to so and so function’. I won’t be surprised if he hides all his invitations and tries to keep her in home itself.

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