19 Iconic Sportsmen Who Battled Serious Injury and Carried On

As Welsh cyclist Geraint Thomas rode the Tour de France while suffering from a fractured pelvis, we look at other sports stars who have gritted their teeth and battled injury to carry on:

1. Bert Trautmann Played in a Soccer Final with a broken neck

When it comes to playing on after injury, one performance immediately comes to mind. In 1956, German-born goalkeeper Bert Trautmann won an FA Cup winners’ medal after he played the last 17 minutes of the final with a broken neck. Manchester City had taken a 3-1 lead against Birmingham at Wembley when, in the 73rd minute, Trautmann dived at the feet of the onrushing forward, Peter Murphy. The Birmingham player’s knee collided with the City goalkeeper’s neck in a clash which knocked Trautmann out. There were no substitutes in those days, so City looked as if they would play the game’s closing stages with 10 men. But Trautmann had other ideas, unsteadily taking his place between the posts and even making two fine stops to maintain the lead. It was only days later that an X-ray revealed a broken neck and Trautmann’s name went down in legend. It was a far cry to when he first arrived in Manchester.

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  1. The author needs to take a seriously look at several hockey players to add to this list.

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