15 Most Beautiful Cinemas Around The World

Most of us watch movies in usual, boring movie theaters, but that’s not how it has to be. These awesome cinemas will show you just how much more awesome of an experience watching a movie can be. The Most Beautiful Cinemas feature watching movies by lying in a bed, to theatres which have parked cars in front place of standard couches or cushioned chairs. A Theatre in Paris even has Row-boats to sit in and enjoy the movie.

Olympia Music Hall, France

most beautiful cinemas

Previously known as the Montagnes Russes due to the wooden roller coasters installed by Joseph Oller (founder of Le Moulin Rouge) – this music hall has launched musicians since 1893. French singers like Edith Piaf fast-tracked “La Vie en Rose”, Gilbert Bécaud’s “Mister 100 000 Volts” electrified his audience, and Johnny Hallyday rocked right on this stage. Georges Brassens was also a regular at Olympia, as were other international artists, often making their debut at here. Did you also know that a secret underground passageway leads to behind the stage” Regular guided tours are offered on a first-come, first-in basis.
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