51 Female Athletes who can Challenge Models


If you ask us the female athlete body type is the most attractive of all body types. We have painstakingly researched female athletes to come up with the 51 hottest for 2016. It was a tough job but someone had to do it.

Here is the ultimate list of hottest women of sports stars in the world who are interested in either sports or modeling:

No. 51: Ali Krieger (Soccer Player)

Ali is a US women’s soccer player. She is currently playing for the Washington Spirit of the National Women’s Soccer League.

Krieger has represented the United States at two FIFA Women’s World Cups: 2011 in Germany and 2015 in Canada.

She was part of the defense that held opponents scoreless for a record 540 minutes and helped lead the United States to become 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup champions.


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  1. Only because the writer is American. I wouldn’t try to claim that American athletes are anywhere near as hot as Russian athletes on average, just as an example. Look at any sport and the Scandinavian & Eastern European women dominate in the looks department. No contest, really.

  2. Therese Johaug not even on top 50? A Norwegian skiathlon olympic gold medalist. She’s definitely top 10 at least, my favorite athlete 🙂 Cute, strong, hot and great personality

  3. You must be F**king kidding me.. Maria Sharapova on No. 10? I was fine uptil now but I’m heartbroken now. She is No. 1 by all standards. I don’ know why she was rated so less 🙁

  4. I am officially a Skiing fan just by looking at No. 11: Lindsey Vonn. She is so pretty that she should totally quit her present job and go into fulltime modelling. Well, that is my opinion, no pressures but she should totally go into modelling :-p

  5. Lady Not so Gaga on

    I’m kind of jealous with their physiques, but I guess I’ll have to workout as much as they do to have what they have. This is unacceptable, I’ll pretend that it doesn’t matter to me and I am perfectly happy with my proportions. *face palm*

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