Top 35 Most Expensive Watches in the world


The most expensive watches in the world make us think time is really very valuable. If you are one of those gentlemen who are extremely rich and have a passion for dressing up prim and properly, you’d most likely be interested in investing into a luxury watch.

The most prestigious luxury watch manufacturers were asked about their costliest products currently on the market. The results made us make this list with the most expensive watches in the world. There is a wide prices range starting from $75,000 to a staggering $25 Million for the most expensive watch in the list.

No. 35. Baume & Mercier – William Baume Flying Tourbillon

Price: $75,000

In the 19th century Baume family’s watchmaking business became one of Switzerland’s major watch manufacturers with branches in London, Geneva and Philadelphia. Further collaboration with Paul Mercier ensured the quick success of the business.William Baume Tourbillon features black dial, black alligator strap, 52-hour power reserve and its unique “flying tourbillon”, which is held in place on only one side rather than on the top and bottom. Another distinctive feature of this watch lies in the unusual and elegant 9 o’clock position of its escapements and a small second display at 6 o’clock. The William Baume Flying Tourbillon is a very beautiful watch with its 43mm 18k rose gold case and sapphire crystal and back case that reveals a beautifully decorated movement. Today Baume & Mercier is an established name in the world of luxury watches with its aesthetically pleasing and most technologically accomplished interpretation, the flying tourbillon.



  1. What crap looking watches – seen more attractive in Argos.
    Maybe no diamonds or big names but who cares – its only to give the time anyhow.

  2. Ian Robertson on

    I am a Watch freak and have been most of my life. I wear a Rolex watch which is now 10 years old. I also have a Stauer Watch and a Staier. All harmless acquisitions but I love them all. Yan Yanovitch.

  3. Sanjay P K P on

    Only the classes can afford for these priceless machines. Not masses. Bear in mind that Tide & Time waits neither for these 2

    • No, I can afford them all if I’d like. You don’t have to be millionaire to buy them… I’ll even get one for my birthday (The second one)

    • on

      Nothing to do with consumerism… these are designed to last many lifetimes, they are museum pieces of art and the shitory of human ingenuity to any horologist. They are a testament to the love, creativity, and imagination, that humans are capable of, when they make valuable tools… but then you wouldn’t understand, your remark means that you are no artisan, and never will be… and these items do not lose value if you buy carefully, on the otherhand your watch, your cell phone have no real value, they plummet in value from the moment you bought them, can’t be repaired and are quickly obsolescent. Buying an Iwatch is consumerism, as is an Iphone, and anything from Apple, overpriced, and worthless in a few years. Your lack of appreciation of beautiful tools, is the opposite of a survival trait. It’s also the opposite of sophistication…. you are for certain not a tradesman, or machinist, or technologist… you are the sort of person who actually is the opposite of what you imagine yourself. You don’t fix things, don’t know how to, you just use and discard… You aren’t capable of fixing a car, or anything else for that matter, you don’t work in wood or metal or any material really, can’t appreciate the difference between a Yugo and a Mercedes… between Orlon and Merino wool, between any item of quality vs the cheapest Chinese garbage.

      • And you live in a dream world! Everyone appreciates art! Watches costing $75,000 to $25,000,000 are a disgusting waste of money, which only a very few highly privileged are capable and stupid enough to buy! Could you be one of them? Or are you just plain stupid? Before you criticise China, by the way, perhaps you should visit the country! You may get a different outlook! Of course some things in China, just like any other country in the world, are low quality and cheap! But this is a necessary market, for people who do not have the finances to buy luxury items. Eastern countries like China, Japan, Taiwan and Korea, are way ahead of the rest of the world in most technologies and produce most of today’s electronic consumer articles, most of which are purchased by people like yourself! Or perhaps you don´t own a mobile phone, television, etc. PC etc. etc. OK! I´m done! You can now go back to your day dreams!

      • i find this response quite rude and to some could be offensive, it is written with arrogance and is derogatory towards many…. but is truthful… the majority believe these pieces to be signs of ridiculous wealth and an unwillingness to assist mankind, you see them as art and the pinnacle of human mechanical innovation and ingenuity and in reality, no one is wrong. These pieces, if ever worn or carried will likely be done so by someone who places themselves above the majority…. however they weren’t likely created by someone who does so…. some of these pieces are obnoxious but most are fascinating…

    • Everything to do with consumerism. Imagine what you could do with the multi millions they are asking for these watches…. set up a marine reserve, buy a massive area of rain forest to preserve. You state that they are worth the money because of the longevity – well the reefs and rain forests that took many hundreds of thousands of years to evolve and are rapidly disarming never to be replaced as they currently are.

      Before you get all BS about what they are worth… I do understand the artisan and the creativity involved. Im simply stating that if you had this kind of money to spend on a watch, you could surely find a better way to spend it.

      Ex Bio-tech exec having spent many years and +USD$2m trying to save whats left of the diminishing ocean habitat in Asia, amongst the type of greed and corruption that creates a market for these products. Wearer of a 100% Titanium, solar powered eco Drive, 200m dive watch – priceless at around USD$500.

      • Dude, i don’t disagree with what you are saying and I think it is cool what you are doing but the people that buy these haven’t saved up for them, they don’t put money in a jar each week until they have enough like my Grandmother did to buy my grandfather his first $285 Rolex in the early 60’s…. nobody who buys these says “oh, I can’t afford to go skiing this weekend, I just bought a new watch” and these people have all donated what they are going to or have employed enough people to feel good about their contribution to mankind…. You are not wrong, but the $2mil you have spent, is pocket change to the people who buy and wear these pieces…

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