Size Does Matter: 25 Most Expensive Engagement Rings


24. Kate Hudson

9-carat emerald-cut diamond platinum tapered baguettes

Price: $250,000


Actress Kate Hudson has debuted an emerald ring at the 2014 Baby2Baby gala. Hudson, 35, who has been engaged to Muse frontman Matthew Bellamy since April 2011 Kate is known for her boho chic style and fun personality, this type of engagement ring style is classic and timeless,The emerald cut stones are typically top quality. They’re usually set in platinum because it’s a naturally white metal and won’t cast any color onto the diamond.”

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  1. These ladies are lucky having billionaires as their husband. now my bride saw this website and she is been bugging me to get he at least 20 thousand dollar ring WTF!

    • Tom Yestramski Jr on

      Cry me a river. If your fiancee mentioned it, you most likely can afford it. And if she won’t understand and make that big of a deal about material things, that explains the whole thing.

      You belong with these fake materialistic people.

  2. Margaret Skinner on

    I read an article not long back that said the more expensive the engagement ring the less likely the marriage will last. So if the engagement ring came out of Cracker Jack box the couple may have a longer marriage than the rich guy that gives his lady one of the “most expensive engagement rings”!

  3. Sam S Alsabahi on

    I wish I have them all I would sell all of them and keep the one for $13,953 to give to my love and the others I’ll just sell them and live a good life.

    Any ideas how to get them all?

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