45 Best Colleges Ranked By Girls Looks

The 2018 Colleges with Most Attractive Girls ranking is based on reviews from students and alumni. At top-ranked colleges both male and female students report that their female peers on campus are very attractive.

45. Stanford University

Stanford girls get an unfair reputation for being bookish and not all that attractive, but if you want to date a future political power player or high profile attorney this is the place to go. And power (not to mention money) is pretty awesome in itself.

Outgoing, social, but everyone is secretly a nerd. Very athletic culture – even the non-athletes find being fit very important. Obviously a lot of geeky people, but for a school this academic, a surprising amount of “normal” people.

44. Washington State University

The girls of Pullman are very solid, and the school is blessed with some of the prettiest cheerleaders in the country.

The face of this sport changed nationwide during 1930 to 1940 as female athletes introduced gymnastics and acrobatics into cheerleading.

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  1. dr balaklrishnan on

    most students are fed up with present education system for it never allows you to be creative, indeed a fact , i agree , being a professor emeritus at Bombay (Mumbai) university.. Macaulay system based studies never helped world growth since 1853, for he made imperialism could thrive in colonies if the youth thinking is stunted..as the same system still prevails, he succeeded, not the youth since long is my view. tks

  2. “Ohio State University” WRONG!!!! The state legislature officially changed the uni’s name to THE Ohio State University. Pretentious? Yeah.

  3. I went to ASU. You could’ve found better pictures lol. And yes its definitely #1 without any doubt. You walk down any road on campus and you see super model level girls all around. Its almost like heaven except it boils at 115 degrees.

  4. What garbage is this as an excuse for an article. Classic irresponsible journalism- do you think girls go to college to be ranked on their looks?

    • My God Aanchal, r u suggestin THE LIBERAL PC CULTURE Safe Space bullshit has invaded colleges in Ind too? And, progressiveness, whilst usurping the synapses, is producing soy boys and burl gurls? I pray not esp. given the advent of connectivity, that concurrently facilitates know-how & peer or precaution to be induced, to continuum.

      P.S. Aforementioned, IS NOT directed at you FYI. Kindly, refrain from scarring opined.

  5. Mutaher Ali on

    But such pretty girls cheerleaders cannot be found in Indian life.Most of them prefer housewives after getting well educated to become queen bees producing children and doing household chores to achieve nothing in life.

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