Buying Houses Involved With Murders and Crimes

Buying houses is complicated enough in this still-unforgiving economy, but these homeowners are dealing with a variable others don’t have to worry about. Some of the most grisly murders in America took place in their humble abodes.

Would you take a deal on a house, even it was the scene of one of America’s most heinous crimes?

Buying Houses That are Associated with Murders is a Tough Choice to Make

1.) Nicole Brown Simpson’s Condo.

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This Los Angeles condo is the former home of O.J Simpson and his deceased wife, Nicole Brown Simpson. It was in this condo that the infamous and controversial murders of Nicole and Ronald Goldman were committed. And people still live there.

2.) LaLaurie Mansion.

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Madame Delphine LaLaurie was once the owner of this home in New Orleans. LaLaurie was a famous socialite turned serial killer. She would buy slaves just to torture them and keep them bound in her attic. The home was once owned by actor Nicholas Cage, but was purchased by another man for $2.3 million.

3.) ‘In Cold Blood’ Murder House.

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As documented in Truman Capote’s grim masterwork In Cold Blood, Dick Hickock and Perry Smith killed the amiable Clutter family in a thoughtless grab for cash. The Kansas house’s current owners put it up for sale in 2006, weary of the tourists that would come by to feast their eyes on the setting of an American crime classic.

4.) The Sowden House.

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This beautiful, but infamous, home was where the famous Black Dahlia Murder in Los Angeles took place. You can purchase the house where Elizabeth Short was brutally tortured, murdered and dissected for $4.8 million.

5.) The LaBianca House.

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Although probably outshined by the other site of the Manson murders, the story of the LaBianca house is just as dark. Manson and his “family” killed Leno and Rosemary LaBianca senselessly, leaving behind an empty grave for a house. The house was bought and renovated recently, but the story still haunts it.

6.) The Jon Benet Ramsey House.

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In Boulder, Colorado, sits the house where the body of six year old Jon Benet was found eight hours after being reported missing. Recently, the home owners have dropped the price to $1.985 million from $2.3 million in hopes that someone will buy it despite the tragedy.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to pay full price on a home if I had to share it with ghosts, legends and dreadful whispers.

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