Why Do Women Wear High Heels?

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There are lots of fashion “rules” out there that are actually pretty bogus — like tall women can’t wear high heels or bright colors, busty women can’t wear long necklaces, and fat women can’t wear bikinis And here to take on that last one is Imani Cezanne in her spoken word poem “Heels,” which she performed at The Ill-List, a poetry slam invitational in Modesto, California. Because actually, women can wear whatever they want.

After getting lots of comments from men who take issue with her height combined with her footwear, Cezanne has a few questions for men, including “Who told you standing next to a tall woman would make your dick shrink?” And you know, I wouldn’t mind getting an answer to that one either.

At 5′ 7″ I’ve never been considered abnormally tall, but once I put on my favorite pair of heels and suddenly become six feet tall, people tend to notice — and guys have been known to get uncomfortable. Which I don’t fully understand. I mean, when I’m taller than the men around me, I don’t feel un-feminine. In fact, the main reason I wear high heels is because I feel like they make me look shapely and all woman-like but make me feel powerful at the same time. Which is awesome, because all too often those things are mutually exclusive. So if being taller than a man doesn’t make me feel less feminine, why should it make him feel less masculine?

And even more importantly, why do some guys seem to think it’s our problem that they can be made to feel uncomfortable by something as commonplace as footwear? As Cezanne says, “It’s useless to cater to the insecure.”
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This Is For Every Tall Girl Who Loves To Wear High Heels

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  1. You know, I’ve seen a sea change over the years in the attitude of females. Maybe it’s true also for males, but I’ve never explored dating opportunities with them, so I’ll leave that question for someone else.

    In my generation, at least among folks who were caring and looking for a relationship, the internal dialog was, ‘what can I do to better attract the opposite sex?’ In short, what can I do to make myself more worthy of someone else’s affections?

    Yes, we were thinking about what others thought, and if we were not attracting the sort of attention from the kind we wanted attention from, the effort was then to remedy the problem. Get in better shape. Clear up your skin. Get a job, or a better job. Brush your teeth, wash, and comb your hair. Be a better man.

    Then I read articles like this.

    If we think fat girls shouldn’t wear bikinis, well it’s because most guys think fat girls look gross, and even grosser in a bikini. It’s not our problem. It’s your problem. There are, of course, chubby chasers.

    Would it not be better for YOU to trim down and get yourself in shape, if nothing else, for you?

    Plunging necklines for the well-endowed ladies will always attract attention, from admirers, of course, but also from the wrong crowd, and antagonize lesser-gifted females. Parents, of course, think that might be a cheap look and disapprove as well. Keep it classy, but if you don’t, expect folks to think of you as not so classy.

    Tall girls? Made taller by heels? A good looking woman is a good looking woman, but something in American men, at least, deems it proper to be taller than your female. Maybe even the same height, but not shorter. Think Dachsund trying to date a female Great Dane.


    So keep that attitude. You’ll still get the guys who have a fetish for really tall females, but upon closer examination, the me – me – me attitude will become apparent. That attitude, more than any height, will warn other folks away from you.

    Because the best couples are the ones who care about what the other one thinks, and strives at all times to be worthy, and remain worthy, of their affection.

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