Her Husband Turned her into a Prostitute

Her husband would never solicit a prostitute, let alone force his wife to turn into one. But one bad decision on his part left them with no other choice. This powerful video will make us think twice about a grave mistake we keep committing over and over again:

The video discusses a very important topic here. It talks about how the person who is drinking and driving is responsible for everyone in his circle, i.e. the family members and the friends. The person who is driving can also be responsible for harming someone innocent and like that he becomes responsible for that person’s family too.

Prostitution is never by choice and neither can one force you but you can of course volunteer. But why and for whom? A very touching and a must watch video that has a clear and a very important message for us all. If someone still wants to make this mistake and not understand the consequences.


How She Turned into Prostitute because of her Husband

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  1. Jennifer Shahi on

    I’m confused. The entire video has her talking about how she chose to be a sex worker for various pragmatic reasons. How she takes precautions and how she’s considering the medical way to make it a sustainable career.

    Then how the hell did her husband make her a prostitute? Okay, he got into an accident. Okay he went into a coma.

    So if she’d chosen the career of a lucrative consultant, would she go around saying her husband made her a consultant? Or if she suddenly realized how to earn by working from home or literally any other career, would it be “My husband made me a so and so?”

    The entire film begins by her specifically saying she chose it. Then why is it titled “My husband made me a prostitute” and why does it end on same statement? That’s just stupid! It was her choice. Her way of dealing with the problem. If it works, if it’s her volition, why the husband made her? We could also say that damn truck driver who hit her husband in the first place made her a prostitute!

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