Proud Rapist Brags About His Raping Crimes. Gets Biggest Shock of his Life.

Have you ever wondered what goes through the mind of a rapist? How a proud rapist can justify his actions? Why rapists believe they’ll never get caught?

In this short video, a conversation between a rapist and a female doctor reveals the mentality and social structure that allows rapists to get away with their crimes. The video, which was published by PuraniDiliTalkies, shows a rapist bragging in the hospital about his evil deeds, having just gotten roughed up for raping a minor. He tells the doctor – with a cocky, entitled attitude – why he’s not to blame and why society will protect him. That is, until he receives a shocking dose of karma:

proud rapist
proud rapist
proud rapist
In India, a woman is raped every 22 minutes – and most of those crimes go unreported. Many rapes are forgotten because of the shame they bring upon the victim and her family. For example, the rapist tells the doctor “Who would marry her?” as he discusses his rape victim.

Although this film is a dramatization, it distinctly points out the very victim-blaming mindset that allows rapists’ crimes to go unreported and unpunished. In some cases, such as this rapist, the man’s family will come to the rescue and “take care of it.” But the message is clear – every time a rapist evades punishment and gets away with one of the most heinous human rights crimes in existence, they become more confident and prouder – and more likely to rape again.

Source: Purani Dili Talkies

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