Muslim Man Meets A Stranger At A Railway Station

A Muslim Man Meets A Stranger At A Railway Station

Someone wiser than us once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. And this beautiful indie film strives on it.

This terribly tiny tale of two strangers (A Hindu and a Muslim) interacting on a deserted railway station during a mega block (where most trains remain suspended) has a very subtle message.

The moment we witness the main protagonist in a sleepy state, our twisted minds try to come to conclusions. Did the other guy spike his drink? Was he a thief? I knew it. And then.. BANG, you lose. Because humanity just took you by surprise.


Sometimes short simple stories like these makes you ponder, what have we become. How have we become so negative towards each other? We love each other at heart, as humans, as brothers, but politics just won’t let us be.

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