What Guys should do with Drunk Girls | Shocking in India

Neha seems really stressed and disturbed due to issues with work and personal life. See how things unfold when both the guy and the girl get extremely drunk!

And when she passes out, he tucks her in safely, covers her up and sends out a clear message:

This story narrates what a guy should do with drunk girls.

In India, where public policing is common in cases of intoxication, women often find themselves the target of not only physical abuse in situations such as these, but also mental trauma after being blamed for instigating the abuse. The video is a lovely effort in teaching the basics of social rules to youths.

What Guys should do with Drunk Girls

Real Men Don’t Rape and Neither is she asking for it

Kudos to the team at YTV Network for the kickass concept and execution.

drunk girls

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