Bill Gates Drinks Poop Water

Co-founder of Microsoft turned super-activist Bill Gates recently found an interesting way to kill two birds with one stone. His new innovation solves water shortages and sanitization problems in third world countries by having them drink poop water.

It’s actually a little more complicated that. As the video below demonstrates, sewer sludge is subjected to a machine called the Janicki Omniprocessor. The Omniprocessor has a complicated process to treat water, although nowhere near as complicated as our water treatment plants, which can’t be easily manned or afforded by third world countries. What comes out is a stream of perfectly clean water, which Mr. Gates himself promptly drank but we can still be surprised that it is poop water.

Bill Gates Has Learned How To Turn Human Waste Into Drinkable Poop Water

Aside from creating clean water, the Omniprocessor also converts the sludge into electricity that powers a generator with excess energy. This energy can be sent back to the community, along with ash that the machine owner can sell. So really it’s killing five birds with one stone, if you think about it.

Via: Mashable

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  1. Bill Gates is by far the greatest philanthropist in the world today.
    He is trying to help humanity, irrespective of religion, to overcome the day to day needs. He deserves not only a place in today’s society but a well deserved place in HUMAN HISTORY.
    I wish him all the success from the core of my heart.
    Ghulam Yusuf

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