Bed Exercises You Can Do Every Morning. Guide To Working Out for Lazy People!

Getting up early in the morning to exercise can be really painful, especially if you are a lazy bum. Well we know how difficult it can get to leave that cozy bed, but the good news is that now you don’t have to anymore. Here are 22 bed exercises that you can do in bed to start your day fresh and healthy.

Legs-Up-The-Wall Pose

This is an especially soothing meditative posture, one that Bieklus calls a “time out for adults.” “Doing this inversion will ease tension in your legs,” says the yoga instructor, who recommends the pose or anyone who’s active on their feet all day or may have over done it at the gym.

Turn your hips toward the wall and kick your legs up and lean rest them vertically against it. “People who have a hard time meditating may find this as an easier way to clear their minds,” Bieklus adds. Tight hips? Put a pillow under your seat to ease any discomfort.

Where you’ll feel it: legs, lower back

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