Mutant Giant Spider Dog

This prank with the Spider dog will go down in history. Someone put a dog in a giant tarantula costume and let him roam the “haunted” streets one night, scaring everyone in his path and amusing the rest of us with this hilarious video.

Of course, we laugh now, but we would definitely be running seeing the spider dog like everyone else!

Sylwester Wardega, the Polish prankster behind SA Wardega, has come up with a brilliant prank that is at once terrifying and hilarious. After setting up props in public spaces that look like human body parts caught in giant spider webs, unwitting prank-ees are then hunted down by a giant mutant dog-spider (which happens to look a lot like a tiny dog with fake tarantula fur and wire spider legs on its back).

These People Were Freaked Out By A Tiny Spider Dog Disguised As A Giant Spider

The star actor in this prank is Chica, a little black dog who is excellent at playing terrifying creepy spider dog. Though she’s a great actor, we are a bit concerned about her safety – if someone reacts to the prank the wrong way, she could get hurt. We hope she stays safe as she scares people half to death!

Wardega has a lot of different prank videos, so be sure to check out his Youtube channel!

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