Every Indian Girlfriend In The World

These Are The Things Every Indian Girlfriend In The World Says

Comedytrash brings you Every Indian Girlfriend In The World. Hope all you guys out there like it and can relate. Is this the kind of stuff your girlfriend says to you all the time? Watch and decide if you agree or disagree with this video.

Don’t forget to share it with other friends who are experiencing the fun and the pain of being in a relationship. In the meanwhile I gotta go and explain it to my personal girlfriend as to what I meant by that last line when I used the Word pain in the relationship. God help me!

Angry Couple
The following joke tells us a bit more about girlfriends.

Girlfriend giving house directions 2 her boyfriend

Girlfriend: “Come to the front gate of my apartment where you drop me, Look for flat 9a, you will find a lift on ur right. Hit 9 with ur elbow, Get out of the lift u will find my flat on left… Hit the doorbell with your elbow & I will get the door for you”

Boyfriend: “dear that seems easy but why am I hitting buttons with my elbows?”

Girlfriend: “because you wouldn’t be coming empty handed”

Boyfriend: (speechless)

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