10 Reasons why we want to be children forever

1. Watching cartoons is a thousand times better than watching reality shows


For Children, Cartoons were awesome stress-busters and are incomparable with today’s pointless reality shows.

2. The fun you had with your sibling cannot match up to anything else.

Children with Sibling
The games you both played, secrets you shared, trips you took made for some amazing memories you would want to relive.

3. Getting pampered for being the youngest is the best feeling ever.

children with Grandparents
Being the youngest had a great advantage as you were the apple of everyone’s eye.

4. Studying and playing were the only main priorities to be taken care of.

children studing
For everything else, there were parents. Doing your homework and winning a particular game were the only things on the priority list. No bills to pay, no taxes and rent problems. Life was easy!

5. Believing in superheroes is better than believing in politicians.

It was more realistic to trust Batman to save Gotham, as opposed to expecting our politicians to do something good for the country.

6. Tolerant teachers are better than intolerant bosses.

Teachers with children
Our teachers rectified our errors with patience and made us understand where we were going wrong. The same cannot be expected from bosses who are always ready to play the blame-game.

7. Love didn’t hurt and childhood crushes were not fickle.

Everything was ‘cute’ and nothing got too serious, unlike today where rejection is painful and relationships more unpredictable than ever.

8. Attending modest birthday parties and getting a return gift was great fun.

Eating cake and wafers at a friend’s birthday party and getting board games and compass boxes as return gifts made us very happy. Partying at pubs and passing out is how adults celebrate birthdays today. Return gift? A hangover!

9. Why lose enthusiasm, and fall prey to cynicism?

We were such enthu cutlets when we were kids! There was no room for cynicism and everything seemed interesting. The innocence made us believe in the good. We competed with great sportsmanship and took defeat in our stride. For that innocence and charm, we don’t want to grow up!

10. Because life was less cruel when we were children.

That’s true. School days were the best days of life, childhood friendships were the best form of companionship, and cartoons were the best entertainment. Then something called ‘growing up’ happened and life with its coarse lessons made us adults.

If we could make the clock reverse, we would definitely want to be kids again!

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