22 Most Expensive Food Items Around the World

Some people in the world are fond of food and wanted to eat the best and luxurious dishes. These most expensive food dishes are made with perfect ingredients and further its decoration is done with the expensive materials that increased its price. The following are top 21 list of most expensive foods and drinks in the world:

22. Dougie Dog, Vancouver — $100 Dragon Dog

A food truck selling a posh hot dog for $100 at the Calgary Stampede has sold out after just one day. The Dragon Dog is infused with expensive cognac and topped with Kobe beef, lobster and truffles. Dougie Luv only brought ingredients for 100 Dragon Dogs because of current economic downturn in Calgary.
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  1. I cant believe that there are people on this planet who are willing to spend such absurd amount of money on food like this when there are millions out there starving! If i had that kinda money , i would go to posh restaurants for the experience maybe once, but making it a habit is abhorrent and so very wrong. i agree there people have all the right to spend their hard earned money on whatever they desire, but personally i dont think i could get a good night’s sleep knowing that i could have fed others, had it not been for my personal greed.

  2. I would love to try all these crazy foods before I die. The tiny problem being that the money will be spent on traveling as a priority, food comes when I reach the destination. Now i just need to win a lottery to try all these delicacies 😀

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