A Wife made a Choice to have Sex outside Marriage – My Choice

Is the VOGUE – My Choice video really promoting empowerment? A Wife made a Choice to have Sex outside Marriage to Empower herself So Her Husband also made A Choice…

Your Choices Effect the Lives of Others Be Careful of what you say and Do.

It’s not always about you…

The VOGUE video speaks to a very limited, specific audience – that of the English speaking, (mostly) urban and affluent woman – which almost seems elitist by itself. It represents a tiny problem and an even tinier sect. And while most issues discussed in the video do hold value, it’s hard to take it seriously or even applaud the entire effort because it fails so much by riding on pseudo feminism.

The whole idea of the video was to celebrate choice – which is a fantastic thing, and something that also feminism celebrates. If we’re speaking about an urban context, then it would be the choice to work or be a stay-at-home mother and still be respected. The choice to wear a salwar kamiz or a dress. The choice to get married early or wait and be single. The choice to live your life a way you want to, without being judged. Those are more realistic, and relatable choices to me, a demographic that the video was trying to speak to.

Source: Actor Varun Pruthi

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