30 Attractive Girlfriends and Wives of Famous Cricketers

These Star Cricketers define glamour in the Cricket world! Their wives and girlfriends (or WAGs, as they are commonly known), also add a lot of charm to this industry with their chic and graceful presence. Here are some of the most gorgeous WAGs of the Star Cricket Players:


Anushka Sharma (Wife of Indian Cricket team captain Virat Kholi)

This famous Bollywood diva became Mrs Kohli in a not so secret wedding in Tuscany, Italy. Virat Kohli and Anushka tied the knot on December 11, 2017, and their wedding announcement took the internet by the storm. Virat is the wonder boy of the cricket world and Anushka is one of the finest actresses that Bollywood has today.



  1. Abhay Khanna on

    Virat bhai and Anushka are the cutest couple according to me. There is no better Cricket Player in the world at the moment, and God willing, he will go on to become the biggest Cricket player ever.

    Anushka Sharma’s versatility needs no introduction. She is one of the finest actors the Indian industry has. She is much better than our beloved Katrina Kaif who is just focusing on how to be a better dancer day by day.

    God Bless this Jodi, may they always be together!

  2. No idea what Yuvraj Singh saw in Hazel Keech. He is my true hero, and an inspiration as a player, but I fail to understand as to why he married this girl. He could have married Deepika Padukone may be, that would have made a lot of sense, but again, who am I to decide? He married whom he wanted to marry. Period!

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