27 FIFA World Cup 2018 Football Players who make everyone Crazy

It is no secret that soccer, or European football as Americans call it, is the most watched sporting genre in the world. Football players are therefore always under pressure to look good. Feast your eyes on FIFA World Cup 2018 Football Players that are the best of the best of the 32 national football teams.

2018’s FIFA World Cup Russia is finally here! was the most widely viewed sporting event with over half a billion people tuning in to watch the world cup finals in Brazil. 3.2 billion people in total watched matches in 2014. And we decided not to go with just the obvious picks, like Neymar, Shakira’s guy, Pique or Ronaldo. You are welcome.


Team: Switzerland
Position: Goalkeeper
Age: 29

Those lips! That hair! That smile! This dreamy Swiss goalkeeper (and Rafa Nadal look alike) started playing soccer when he was just 5 years old and is considered one of the team’s biggest assets. That smile, that lean frame, that tawny complexion. Need we say more? Nope.

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