30 Most Beautiful Cheerleaders Of The NFL

In 1954, the Baltimore Colts became the first NFL team to add cheerleaders. The squad, which was actually part of the Colt’s marching band, started a trend that has now lasted decades and added more energy and excitement to the games. Have a look at the most beautiful Cheerleaders Of The NFL for a rare look into their lives off the sidelines.

1. Molly – Minnesota Vikings

Molly - Minnesota Vikings
Molly is a cheerleader for the Minnesota Vikings. She is a tomboy at heart, and she has been with the Vikings for five years. She’s cheering for her home state, born and raised in Savage, Minnesota. Her hobbies include snowboarding, fishing, and skydiving, and of course, she loves football.

2. Brittni – Arizona Cardinals

Brittni - Arizona Cardinals
Brittni is a three-year veteran of the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders and has been dancing since age 3. She was a competitive ballroom dancer and former NBA dancer before joining the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders. Brittni has traveled with the team to London & represented the Cardinals at the 2018 NFL Draft in Dallas. She is a contributing choreographer and inspires her teammates with her Game-Day Motivations & genuine kindness to everyone she meets! We are very proud to have Brittni represent the Arizona Cardinals at the 2019 NFL Pro Bowl.

3. Ashlee – Atlanta Falcons

Ashlee - Atlanta Falcons
Ashlee has a BFA in dance and is going for her masters in sports management, all while working as an assistant at a law office.

4. Masako – Washington Redskins

Masako - Washington Redskins
Masako is originally from Kobe, Japan, and moved to the United States in 2012. She is going into her third season with the Washington Redskins this year. She studied English Literature while attending Kobe College and was given the opportunity to become a cheerleader when Stephanie Jojokian, the Redskins choreographer, recruited her during a visit to Japan.

5. Taylor C. – Baltimore Ravens

Taylor C. - Baltimore Ravens
Taylor is from the rural town of Damascus, Maryland, but came to the big city to cheer for her Ravens.

6. Ali – Baltimore Ravens

Ali - Baltimore Ravens
Ali just completed her fifth season as a Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader. She is from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where she began competitive dance at age 5. She spent seven years as an elementary school teacher for children with special needs and is now the Director of Events for Celebree School. Ali lives in Baltimore with her Pitbull Crash and her husband David. She enjoys crafting and eating Mexican food. Her favorite cheer experiences are visiting U.S. Military overseas, and working with Ronald McDonald House charities and local animal rescue shelter (The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter).

7. Sarah L – Jets

Sarah L - Jets
She is constantly trying to defeat her fastest mile when she is on the treadmill. The beautiful dark-haired office manager is concentrating on mastering the dance moves that are required by the Flight Crew and she knows pretty well that her hard work will pay off. Fans would love to see her flaunting her talent for standing on her head.

8. Agustina – Miami Dolphins

Agustina - Miami Dolphins
According to her bio, she’ll be heading into her 3rd year with the Dolphins and is a native of Capital Federal, Argentina. I actually think she might have some things to cheer about this season, because I think Tannehill and the Dolphins could surprise some people and find their way back into the playoffs.

9. Sujan Pang – LA Rams

Sujan Pang - LA Rams
You know if you’re a cheerleader for an NFL football team in Los Angeles you’re going to have a lot of competition because of all the models and actresses out there. Well, Sujan Pang made the cut. She is a former Laker Girl that went to USC. Totally gorgeous.

10. Taylor – Vikings

Taylor - Vikings
Football fans who love dark natural features and sun-tanned skin will love Taylor, the third-year Minnesota Vikings cheerleader. Becoming a Vikings cheerleader didn’t come easy. She tried out twice unsuccessfully but continued to work towards improving herself. She finally saw her hard work pay off when she made it on her third tryout. The native of Lakeville, MN is a real estate services coordinator with a background in nutrition technology.

11. Kristen – Carolina Panthers

Kristen - Carolina Panthers
This Virginia Tech grad is a busy woman. Along with cheering she teaches dance, coaches youth cheer and will soon be a counselor.

12. Abby – Cincinnati Bengals

Abby - Cincinnati Bengals
Abby has danced her entire life and Ben-Gals has become an extension of this passion. This is her second year on the team and her first as a captain. It truly overflows her life with happiness and purpose. She has learned discipline, agility, confidence, leadership, community and most importantly, passion for everything in life and the passion to share that with others. She is incredibly humbled to have been chosen to represent her team and her city in the 2019 Pro Bowl and is excited to be a part of such an inspiring legacy of women.

13. Jenna Lené – Dallas Cowboys

Jenna Lené - Dallas Cowboys
Jenna is a super hot member of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleading squad. She says that her favorite Dallas Cowboy football team member is Emmitt Smith. She became interested in becoming a cheerleader when she saw the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders performing in Korea as a part of a USO tour. She is also a nanny and a student.

14. Summer – Saints

Summer - Saints
After graduating from Wesson High School, Summer had attended the University of Missouri where she earned her degree in Healthcare Marketing. She would like to use her schooling to pursue an elaborate career in pharmaceutical sales.
When she isn’t on the field cheering on Drew Brees and company, Summer enjoys various things like photography, fishing and making jewelry. She says that one of the greatest influences in her life is her former dance teacher who preached the value of good morals and honor.

15. Isabella – New England Patriots

Isabella - New England Patriots
Coming in at number nine, we will stay in the AFC East with the team you can pretty much pencil in to win that division every year as long as Belichick and Brady are there. Let’s meet Pats cheerleader, Isabella. She’s also heading into her third year with the team and is a masshole through and through. She’s currently a student studying at Boston College and spending her Sundays cheering for the greatest team we’ve seen over the last 15 years.

16. Noella Maria – Oakland Raiders

Noella Maria - Oakland Raiders
When it comes to being a cheerleader you pretty much have to be good looking, but some of them take it to a whole other level. One of those is Noella Maria who is a cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders. She is so hot it would be impossible to pay attention to the game.

17. Kat – Cowboys

Kat - Cowboys
Kat was on the US National Team for Rhythmic Gymnastics and she received a scholarship as a dance major in college. Kat is hoping that she has something to cheer about this season when Tony Romo and the Cowboys take the field.

18. Breanna – Denver Broncos

Breanna - Denver Broncos
Being a military brat, Breanna grew up all over the country, but calls Colorado Springs home. Her favorite animal is the giraffe and she loves to snack on buttered popcorn.

19. Gioia – Denver Broncos

 Gioia - Denver Broncos
Originally from Florida, Gioia grew up in the competitive dance world. She graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BA in business and a minor in dance. Gioia is currently a fifth-year Broncos Cheerleader and second-year Captain. She was awarded JDBC Instructor of the Year, represented her team on a military tour to Cuba, the Bahamas, and Curacao, performed at the Chinese New Year Parade in Hong Kong, and cheered the Broncos on to their Super Bowl 50 victory! When she’s not on the field, you can find her in Aspen working as a dance studio owner.

20. Mandi – Philadelphia Eagles

Mandi - Philadelphia Eagles
Mandi is flying high as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles cheerleading squad. Mandi is a graduate of West Chester University. She is going into her third year as a cheerleader for the Eagles. She is also a school teacher.

21. Kristen – Cardinals

Kristen - Cardinals
She was performing ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary dance when she was just 3-years-old and she continuing dancing through her school years. Kristen was on the Northern Arizona University dance team performing as both a dancer and a coach. She works for a laser aesthetics company and enjoys vigorous exercise, beach vacations, and Will Ferrell movies.

22. Hailey – Seattle Seahawks

Hailey - Seattle Seahawks
Back to the National Football League for number seven and we’re heading out the Pacific Northwest. I’ve come across my fair share of cheerleaders in my time writing on the internet and I have to say, the Seahawks consistently have one of the best looking squads around. This was a tough decision, but I went with Hailey. She’s University of Washington grad and spent time on their dance team. She’s heading into her fourth season this fall.

23. Summer Rials – New Orleans Saints

Summer Rials - New Orleans Saints
Summer is a cheerleader for the Saints that takes being hot to the next level. It says on her cheerleader bio she “loves mint chocolate chip ice cream and whose celebrity crush is Leonardo di Caprio.” Why does Leonardo always get so lucky?

24. Stephanie A – Buccaneers

Stephanie A - Buccaneers
This rocking redhead has been a Buccaneers cheerleader for two years. Stephanie’s long background in dance began when she was just two-years-old. She was captain of both her high school and college dance teams and she has been involved in countless competitive dance competitions throughout her life. She works as a personal assistant and she holds Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Her bright blue eyes and well-proportioned body get the attention of spectators as she bounces up and down on the sidelines. The Buccaneers might not be interesting to watch but it is worth the price of admission just to see Stephanie work the crowd.

25. Taylor B – Jacksonville Jaguars

Taylor B - Jacksonville Jaguars
Taylor can build up the crowd’s excitement and build a marketing plan for you – she’s also a sales and marketing coordinator.

26. Lexie – Indianapolis Colts

Lexie - Indianapolis Colts
Lexie is a three-year veteran and a captain for the Indianapolis Colts Cheerleaders. She is honored to add “Pro Bowl Cheerleader” to her list of accomplishments. In addition to being a dancer for the past two decades, Lexie is a graduate from Purdue University and currently works as a first grade teacher. She is also the co-director of Indiana Miss Amazing, an organization who provides opportunities for girls and women with disabilities to build self-confidence in a supportive environment. She is grateful to be representing the Colts organization, her teammates, and all of Colts Nation at the 2019 Pro Bowl.

27. Gretchen – Seahawks

Gretchen - Seahawks
Gretchen tries to go to the gym daily while also mixing it up with a liberal type of yoga and jogging. She is also a firm believer in a balanced diet being essential to staying fit.
Gretchen has also been excessively involved with aiding the elderly and disabled. She spent a week on a reservation in Yakima where she had copiously painted houses, cleaned and did a bit of construction.

28. Makayla – Los Angeles Lakers

Makayla - Los Angeles Lakers
You know this list couldn’t exist without featuring a Laker Girl. It’s like doing this list without featuring a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader (we’ll get to that later). Laker Girls are by far the most famous NBA dance team. Ever heard of Paula Abdul? Coming in a number six, we have Laker Girl Makayla. She just wrapped up her first year and is heading into season 2 with the privilege of watching LeBron every night. Lots of national TV games which means the Laker Girls are BACK.

29. Danielle – Dallas Cowboys

Danielle - Dallas Cowboys
Everyone knows the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders are the gold standard when it comes to smoking hot cheerleaders, they even have their own show. A good example of how awesome they are is Danielle – when she isn’t cheering, she is a staffing professional as well as a dance and fitness instructor.

30. Melissa G – 49ers

Melissa G - 49ers
Colin Kaepernick takes the snap and scrambles out of the pocket. He fires a bomb downfield to Torrey Smith who makes a highlight-reel catch in the end-zone. All the fans are on their feet, except for you, because you’re staring at Melissa G. She’s an enticing six-year veteran of the San Francisco Gold Rush cheerleading squad and getting caught up in her sexy appearance is understandable. The boutique owner and marketing rep from Clovis, CA is overflowing in her cheerleading outfit and she can mesmerize the crowd as she shakes her pom-poms. Melissa has a magnetic smile and her firm body has curves in all the right places.