World’s 23 Most Expensive Cars of 2018

The need for speed is a never quenching thirst. There are cars, there are luxury cars, and then there are these bad boys. Take a look at some of the most elite driving machines on the planet. These flying machines come at a cost and it’s whooping for sure, you’ll need a bank balance that goes in a minimum of six digits to own one or you could take a loan ‘wink’. Keep your heart from racing out and take a look at our list we compiled only for the strong hearted folks.

No.21: Leblanc Mirabeau

Price Tag: $755,000

Expensive Cars

This car is pure muscle. Can reach a speed of 230 mph without sweating! It’s a piece of cake for this little powerhouse. But great performance comes with a little tag on it, this one comes with a tag on which you’ll find $755,000 written on it. Compared to any other car, you’ll feel it’s a great bargain for what they have to offer.

On the sporty side of the spectrum is the LeBlanc Mirabeau. This car is built for speed and can hit 230 mph without breaking a sweat. But performance comes with a price.

Compared to other cars on this list, the Mirabeau is a steal. Compared to any other car on the planet, the Mirabeau is an outrageous luxury at $755,000. It’s all relative.

The Leblanc Mirabeau is an open street legal race car with a rear mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, designed to the specifications of the FIA/Le Mans standards. The engine outputs approximately 700 horsepower from a 4700 cc supercharged engine. The Mirabeau has a top speed of 370 km/h.