Is Your Car Colour Lucky For You?

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We live in a colour world. Imagine what life would be without colours. Every colour vibrates to a different frequency as we individuals too chose our frequencies in life in terms of friends, relationships and even colours.

We all have our favourite colours in which we feel comfortable and secure. Have you ever noticed many people look off colour when wearing certain colours and looking absolutely magnetic in others.

Did you also know that your numbers are linked to planets which have an influence on colours. So, you must always use the colours of the planets or numbers which are strong in your janam kundali. Which means that even the car you buy could bring you luck or otherwise based on its colour and the colour’s equation with your birth date.

When we buy luxury cars, it is important to see how the fourth lord is situated, and also see the position of Venus which is the lord of vehicles. Don’t worry if your 4th house and Venus are afflicted. You can choose your car by knowing your lucky colour as per your ruling planets. For those who want to have a general view of sun signs and colours, let us take a peek into what colour suits what sun sign.


AriesKnown to be under the influence of planet Mars and number 9, the Martian colours are all kinds of reds, rose, crimson, and maroon. But one must be very careful as the Mars energy is not suitable for all Arians; it is fiery and can be destructive. Brown also satisfies the 9’s individual need for comfort and security and so even in a hostile setting brown provides 9 with a measure of comfort. Your day is Tuesday and the musical note is C Major.


TaurusThis is a pure earthy vibration of planet Venus and number 6. Also known as the Goddess of Love, Venus is known to bestow all material comforts. Usually the colour blue is associated with Venus, but pastel shades of every colour, especially pink and blue. Earthy tones and green make up for the secondary colours. Keep a piece of copper in your car. Your day is Friday.


Mercury is the ruler of this dual airy sign and is not a volatile planet unlike its symbol quicksilver. In numerology Gemini is ruled by number 5. The colours associated with this planet are green and pearl grey. The colours of growth and action are those that belong to Mercury. Dark shades should be abstained from. The day of Mercury is Wednesday. Keep a piece of platinum in the car.


Moon the dreamy and imaginative planet rules over this motherly sign. And as the moon is very gentle, its shades too reflect it. All shades of light green, pale yellow, silver, violet and lavender come under the purview of Moon. The colours of feeling and sensitivity are those that belong to Moon. Cancer has Monday for its chosen day. In numerology the Moon rules over number 2.


LeoThe royal Sun, with all its splendour rules over all the regal things in life-royalty, charm and power and has Sunday for its day of power. The vibrations of the Sun are manifested in the colours golden yellow, bright orange and sometimes royal purple. Sun has influence over number 1.


VirgoThe agile and restless Mercury as dual rulership over this sign and Gemini. It exerts its full influence on Wednesday and also rules over 5 in numerology. In Virgo, Mercurian vibration gets pronounced on all shades of smoky grey, white, brown, turquoise and light greens.


LibraThe beautiful and symmetrical Venus holds dual control over Libra and Taurus, but in this sign the Venusian influence is more refined, highlighting ethereal beauty. Venus has its hold over the day Friday and manifests through the colours blue, sapphire blue, pastel shades with light orangish and pinkish tones and a tinge of blue.


ScorpioThe fiery Mars with its passionate fires burns deeply over the calm exteriors in the sign of Scorpio: Mars, the commander-in-chief ,the influence of raw power so easily seen in countries throughout the world as red lights(symbols of power) on cars, or when extending red carpet welcomes to dignitaries of states or when used in flag cars. Red rose, crimson red, blood red, burgundy red are associated with this planet. Beware before using this colour, check out how Mars is placed in your birth chart. Tuesday is the day of Mars.


SagittariusUnder the benefice influence of the philosophical and wise Jupiter, who rules over this sign, comes all that represents expansion and comfort. With its influence over the number 3 in numerology and its day of command as Thursday, Jupiter Ian colours vary from yellow, blue, pink, light purple and even shades of golden yellow and orange.


CapricornThe destiny master and karmic controller Saturn controls this sign and mightily presides over the fearful day Saturday and influences number 8. For who are fair and just it gives everything and who are wicked it punishes. The colours represented by it are all shades sapphire blue, dark blue, blacks, dark greys and shades of its friendly planets.


AquariusSaturn holds dual rulership over Capricorn and Aquarius and rules the day Saturday. The colour schemes for Aquarius are the same as Capricorn. Number 8 comes under its influence. The lighter colours for this sign are avoidable. Black, grey, purple and dark blue are its colours, and also the amethyst colour is known to be lucky for Aquarians.


PiscesThe great benefactor holds dual influence over Sagittarius and Pisces, but here it also influences the water element. Its day of power is Thursday and the colours it governs are all shades of yellow, white, pearl, golden and mango. The number 3 in numerology comes under its influence.