Dain Yoon is the Undisputed Queen of Makeup Illusion

Dain Yoon is a celebrated artist of the world almost overnight. She is an illusion artist from Seoul, South Korea and goes by the name @designdain on Instagram. None of this is Photoshop or any other photo manipulating software but just hands, face and paint – 3 ingredients to magical art!

She’s covered by major news and entertainment channels like ABC News, Daily Mail, The Creators Project, Business Insider, RightThisMinute, Mashable, Elite Daily (US), Cosmopolitan, Yahoo Beauty, Buzzfeed, Insider US, Huffington Post!

No It’s not a painting with a beautiful pair of eyes. It’s a face which camouflages with it’s background like no other illusionist face painter we have seen yet!

Yup! She has taken illusion and face painting to another great level which would be very difficult to match with the attention to minute details like hers!
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